Mahdi Pourkerman

Researcher And Developer

Hi, I am Mehdi Pourkerman. Researcher and software developer.
My knowledge and experience include the fields of Real-Time applications, 3D processing, machine vision, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality and augmented reality, and I would like to share my personal experiences on this website as much as possible.

After I graduated in software engineering from university in 2004 I have been learning tirelessly ever since. I am a self-taught person so this characteristic helped me to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in various fields and to do great and various projects.
Due to my interest in ARTS, animations world, cinematic 3D visual effects , and computer images, I started my career as a 3D animator and after a few years, I became an expert in 3D animation and computer visual effects. Also I worked as a 3D generalist in advertising companies for a few years. Along with that, I developed my real-time programming skills and created my first virtual reality project in 2006 as a virtual architecture tour and I extend my knowledge until now.

I have familiar with different programming languages such as C, C ++, C #, Java, Python and with different game engines, among them I chose Unity 3D and C# as my favorite language and engine. I use C++ to link Unity with other technologies.

My interest in new visual technologies and Art led me to use my experience and knowledge in various fields such as video mapping and theater which resulted in many projects from 2011 to 2018. In these projects,  I worked as a technical director, art director, idea maker, and technology executive.
From 2014, I started using depth cameras and sensors like Kinect in live performances. Also I used RGBD capabilities to develope virtual fitting room and simple advertising games.

Since 2017, I have been working as a research and development director in a creative and startup company in the field of health and beauty called Tarah Teb, and I am still developing new software and technologies. i would like to share some of my experiences during these years and Demonstrate the new solutions I have used to solve the problem and learn new things along with it.

Among my personal interests, I can mention the fields of artificial intelligence and 3D data processing and machine vision, which have become very practical these days. The real pleasure for me is combining what I have learned in different fields to create new technologies, solve problems and help each others to have a better and easier life.

I am a environment protection enthusiast so it’s one of the things that has occupied my mind. In my opinion, the machines have caused a lot of pollution so far. I hope that in the future combination of artificial intelligence, robotics and other sciences will have used to regulate the situation of abandoned waste plastics, recycling, environmental protection, and I would be able to take steps towards this goal.


Unity Android
Unity IOS
Machine Vision
Artificial Intelligence


Autodesk 3DS MAX
Aobe Aftereffect
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Photoshp