Video Mapping HoloGraphic


I have always been interested in doing huge projects, especially interactive projects and projects related to display technology. During the years I ran an independent company, video mapping and hologram technology attracted a lot of my attention, and I did extensive research to do this type of project, and finally, to gain the trust of investors, replicas of the actual implementation of this technology. I created. In doing so, I was offered many real projects on a very large scale, each with its own challenges. I am very proud to have done these projects as the first video mapping and hologram performers in my country.

In 2011, I was one of the first to implement this technology in my own country, and before that, a successful project had not been implemented yet. My main problem at that time was the lack of advanced and expensive equipment such as large projectors and lighting systems. It was also very difficult to turn the knowledge I had implemented on the models into real work with very large dimensions. Forming teams to produce content (from scripts, design, etc. to making final videos) and teams to perform live, coordinate, and execute real work flawlessly were some of the problems I had to deal with.

I always say that it only gets harder when we do not have enough knowledge and experience to do it. That’s why I always devote a lot of time to extensive study and research before any work. Studies in all fields related to the subject of the project, from all the software I could use to do so, to the hardware and even the light physics and mathematics related to the required calculations. After the research phase, I started real-time small-scale experimentation by making real-scale models, and after completing this phase, I started real projects one after another. My skills in producing animation and visual effects as well as scene recognition helped a lot in producing content specific to this technology. Also, the experiences and knowledge I gained in live performance was a precious experience for me.
this showreel was made of my vide mapping projects that I have done during these years.i have done many projects with a lot of variety in their situations and natures.
In 2014 I made this performance exhibition videomapping decoration for the exhibition room of a big company at the international oil and gas exhibition in Tehran.

This is the video mapping performance that I made for closing the 5th urban film festival in Tehran in 2015.

Interactive Software Development

Games-AR-VR-Microsoft Kinect

My interest in programming and the development of interactive software has been with me since my studies and over time, it not only did not fade but also intensified. I launched my first virtual reality software in 2008 as a 3D virtual tour which I developed with DirectX 8. Since then, I have developed a variety of 3d interactive software, each of which has fascinated me. Over the years, one of the most exciting tasks has been software development and programming using RGBD Sensors like Microsoft Kinect and intel-realsense, which has opened a new window into the world of 3D machine vision for me. I wanted to create interactive performance and displays by combining video mapping and depth sensors, and I did that by researching and developing software tools. I also made interactive advertising software and games by combining hologram technology and 3D machine vision. You can see some of these projects in the video below.

this showreel was made of my interactive software development projects that I have done during these years.