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The fascination of coding for me is endless because I think life is made of codes. We and the whole living world is made of genetic codes. We can learn the language of life through codes and speak to nature. I think we are at the beginning of this wonderful path.

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I’m Mahdi, a Researcher and software developer. I started my career in 2005 and since that I have been working in the industry for more than 15 years and I still enjoy being part of it!

Currently, I working as an R&D team leader in a reputable medical beauty and surgery company. I am an expert developer and I have a lot of experience with interactive 3d software, machine vision, and the use of AI in 3D data processing. My favorite development language is C#, furthermore, I use python and C++ to increase capabilities and access to advanced and newest technologies. I also have expertise in making AR/VR and 3D real-time software, 2d-3d computer vision with RGB, and 3D Depth sensors.
During my professional career, I have worked in various positions and am familiar with many real projects. I am a lifelong learner and I am always eager to face new challenges and problematics projects. On this website, I intend to share some of my experiences with you.

My Works

I started my career in 2004 and according to my interest and market needs, I have done various jobs that I can classify into two main sections: Art and Technology. As I was very interested in both, I tried to use both or a combination of those in my works.



Interactive live 3D scanner and Live AR

In this project, I developed a system using an RGBD camera in combination with an RGB 4K camera, which can make a 3D scan of a person’s face in a very short time, and using the 3D AR section to design suitable eyebrows for the person face on the live situation. In the end, an eyebrow model 3D model can be printed automatically from the designed eyebrows.

Project Features:

  • 3D face scan with depth camera (Single Sensor Fusion)
  • Face recognition by artificial intelligence in the point cloud environment and specifying the distance and dimensions of the face
  • Matching the 3D model scanned on LiveD Cloud Points (3D AR Fusion)
  • Find the main landmarks of the face and marker in live and 3D mode
  • Use marker and face points for 2D-3D matching for the ultimate 4K AR and design eyebrows live
  • Automatic making of a printable 3D mold of designed eyebrows

Face Design Sotware + AR VR


In this project, I created software that can meet the company’s wants and needs.
The main purpose was to edit the human face’s photogrammetry scanned 3D model and design the shapes of the face and make an automatic 3D mold with 3D printing capability. This mold is used to control and reduce the amount of error in beauty surgery.
In addition to showing facial changes before surgery, it was necessary to provide the customer with features such as changing the hairstyle, hair color, and eyebrow model and the possibility of changing clothes as a beauty package. As a result, one can see a completely different version of one’s appearance. The software also supports VR and In addition, we can see some changes in the AR environment live on a person’s face.

Project Features:

  • display a scanned 3D face (scanned by a photogrammetry scanner)
  • Edit the high poly 3d Scanned model with brushes
  • Show different hairstyles and simulate real hair colors
  • Eyebrow design for micro bleeding
  • Build 3D molds automatically from design data
  • Ability to save/load in all parts of the software
  • Measuring tools and design aids
  • Show changes in VR
  • View AR changes live

Video Mapping HoloGraphic

Interactive Software Development

AR-VR-Microsoft Kinect


My interest in new technologies and my knowledge in programming, my experiences in making animation and visual effects as well as mastering various 2D-3D software led me to pursue the construction and execution of exciting projects during these years. One of the great things I did during this period was to perform video mapping in various theaters, festivals, and exhibitions. In addition, I developed some AR and VR projects too. One of my best experiences during this time was programming for Microsoft Kinect v2 as well as building software for Android and iOS.


  • Video mapping for festivals
  • Video mapping for theaters and performances
  • Interactive software development
  • AR and VR software development
  • Making display holograms in small and large dimensions

Visual Effects & 3D Animations


One of my childhood dreams was to make animation, and my interest in the world of animation led me to start learning animation software and techniques from a young age. My career began with making teasers and TV commercials. During this time, I worked with various advertising companies, both as a freelancer and full-time. In addition to industrial advertising projects, art projects such as making short 3d animation, making visual effects for feature films and TV series were among the projects I did during this time. In addition, I did the development of interactive software in parallel with this work.


  • Advertising and TV commercials
  • TV animations series
  • Artistic animations
  • Movie visual effects
  • Visual effects for TV series


Unity Android
Unity IOS
Machine Vision
Artificial Intelligence


Autodesk 3DS MAX
Aobe Aftereffect
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Photoshp

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